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Open Letter/Response to 

Oversimplifications and Overgeneralizations 

about Harmful Online Education 

NOTE:  In this work, “online courses” and "online education" are phrases used to encompass courses and other educational activities that are either fully or partially online.

Better to Clothe the Emperor than Leap into the Chasm

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Please review and comment:  Current Draft of Open Letter/Response.

We'll  review the Open Letter/Resource draft and invite TLT Group members to volunteer as additional writer/editors, and initial signatories.

The Open Letter/Resource is intended for TLT Group members and frequent participants in FridayLive! who are often called to help those just beginning online education. Especially those “beginners” who have previously succeeded in higher education, but lack the experience and background needed to recognize:
  • Oversimplifications and overgeneralizations about the harmfulness (or helpfulness) of online courses.
  • Well-designed and effectively-supported online courses.
Why?  Because readers who are only beginning to consider online education may be misled by some introductory articles that focus on a narrow selection of students and online courses without acknowledging a wider variety of already-successful alternatives (e.g., Dynarski in NYT Jan, 2018 )

Goal:  PARTIAL Solution: Perspective (Short Lists)

Based on experience and knowledge of the variety of purposes, structures, and online technologies in recent use for online courses, and the importance of other contextual elements, we offer a possible antidote.    

A BRIEF introduction to current options, hopes, and fears for online education in the form of 5 short lists: 

1. Different Kinds of Online Courses 

2. Different Kinds of Online Learners (in Online Courses) 

3. Different Kinds of Teachers (of Online Courses)  

4. Recommendations (Guidelines, References, Questions)

5. Hopes and Fears for Online Education 

More details....
Steve Gilbert, Sally Gilbert, Beth Dailey, TLT Group

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