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Powerful Brief Connections

Postcards, IM-ing, and Connections

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Stories of Powerful, Brief, Connections
Small Steps, Important Consequences

Stories about how a brief connection made an important difference - via postcard, letter, email, Instant Message, blog comment, ... whatever! Incidents that meant a lot to the storyteller.

Individual Recordings

The story of how I began sending postcards:  "Postcards, IM-ing, and Connections"

Examples   One Very Short Story about Powerful Messages   

How to Share Your Own Answers   RSS Feed Options

- Self-recorded via Gabcast

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Four-Minute Introduction & Story
- Click here or on the small video screen image just below for background story and intro by Steve Gilbert, President, TLT Group

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Share your own answers
in your own voice
- toll-free phone call available
via Gabcast beginning 8/20/2007

  • Phone 1.800.749.0632
  • Enter 12555#
  • Enter 8318#
  • Press 1 to start recording
  • Speak clearly for 2 to 5 minutes
        - Use normal telephone voice
          (not too loud, not too close to microphone)
  • Press #
  • Press 2
  • When you are recording, first, tell us your name, your title, your institution, and - if you like - your contact info (preferably an email address that you wouldn't mind people knowing and using).

    Thenů tell your own story about how some brief connection - via postcard, letter, or even email, Instant Message, blog comment, ... whatever -  made a difference.  Meant a lot to you and someone you care about.

    More detailed instructions for
    self-recording by toll-free phone  (Google Doc)

    6 Easy Steps to Producing
    Self-Introductory 5-Minute eClip
    available via YouTube (audio + PowerPoint) 
    (Template includes space for answers to Fundamental Questions - requires microphone, PowerPoint, LecShare Pro, YouTube)

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    RSS Feed <== Click here to subscribe to RSS feed or to get URL for iTunes subscription to Gabcast Postcard Stories Channel

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