Hybrid Intro
to Brief Hybrids
Pilot November 5, 2008
 - a Day of Many Firsts!

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Hybrid Intro - to Brief Hybrids
Brief Hybrid Workshops and Teaching/Learning Modules

For faculty development, professional development, and improving teaching and learning with technology in higher education

Easy, Effective, Useful, Legal, Ethical, Low-Cost, Accessible

URL:  http://tinyurl.com/TLTGHybridIntroBH

Description:  A Brief Hybrid  (BH) is a session that rapidly introduces some useful information, tools, ideas or resources. In a BH, participants typically watch a brief video, interact with each other, exchange insights, give feedback, and are shown options for going deeper into the subject - all in about 15 minutes. A "home base" Web page provides links to all the essential resources for the BH: Video/eClip, activities, reference documents, plans, guidelines, etc.   More...

Examples of Brief Hybrids (BHs)
- Brief Hybrid Workshops (BHWs)
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Title of BH Focusing Questions Home Base (Plan, Resources, Hand-Outs) eClip
(Attribution below)
Google Documents
- For Education
What are Google Docs? 
How might they be used/abused for educational purposes?
Home Base Web Page "Google Documents in Plain English";  eClip - YouTube - 2.5 Mins*

What Is/Isn't a Brief Hybrid Workshop?

What are some teaching or learning situations for which a Brief Hybrid might be especially useful?
What are some teaching or learning situations for which a Brief Hybrid might be especially unlikely to help?
Home Base Web Page

1-Page Handout

"What Is/Isn't a Brief Hybrid Workshop?";  eClip - ScreenCast - 4.5 Mins*

Categories of Diversity

Who are our students?
What do they need?
Home Base Web Page

"Vision of Students Today"

eClip  - YouTube - 4.75 Mins*


What's next? 

Do you want/need a single Brief Hybrid?  Or many? 

The TLT Group can produce one for you, produce one with you, or help you train others about Brief Hybrids.

At your institution, who might use Brief Hybrids?  Who might develop Brief Hybrids?  Who might help others to do so?

For more information, or to schedule a more complete introduction, consultation, or workshop, contact Sally Gilbert:  sallygilbert@tltgroup.org 301 270 8312

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Attribution/Restrictions of eClips

"Google Documents in Plain English"

"What Is/Isn't a Brief Hybrid Workshop?"

TLT Group, Inc., Creative Commons Share it Forward License

"Vision of Students Today"

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*TMI/TMO/TLT = Too much information.  Too many options.  Too little Time.

See also Overloaditorium

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