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A Portfolio of Strategies
for Collaborative Change

Improving Teaching and Learning with Technology Through Incremental Revolution
(Rev. July, 2004)

"Read Me First" for more overview, general explanation. or try:  "Fundamental Questions, Myths, & Recommendations" (Click here for PDF Version)

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A Portfolio of Strategies for Collaborative Change is a framework to help an institution describe what it is doing, and then plan and implement its next steps using its resources to improve teaching and learning with technologyWe use the portfolio concept to work with institutional subscribers (and you can also use it on your own). 


In order to use technology, make progress toward substantial, institution-wide educational improvement, we help administrators, faculty, staff, students, and external constituencies work together to sharpen and improve these six elements of a portfolio of strategies for collaborative change:

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More Resources for the Portfolio of Strategies
More (Text) Explanation of the Portfolio of Strategies

  1. Institutional Educational Mission  (and Vision for Improving Teaching and Learning with Technology)
  2. Foundation  
    (Minimum Requirements for Technology, Support Service Infrastructure, and Information Literacy)
  3. Wide/Shallow Projects, Programs  
    (Something for Almost Everyone, Every Year)
  4. Narrow/Deep Projects, Programs 
    (More Focused, Extensive, Expensive, Risky Programs for a Few )
  5. Collaboration and Learning 
    (Developing a Nurturing Community)
  6. Thoughtful Planning, Assessment, Implementation
    (Generating Information to Guide Implementation, Revision, and Budgeting)

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