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Resources about Compassionate Pioneers and Compassionate Pioneering.

Small Steps: actions or initiatives that require few resources or little energy, and can be done quickly by a few people

Gandhi's "Seven Blunders of the World" That Lead to Violence ...Plus 5

Steve Gilbert's audio-narrated slideshow offering an introduction to
"Community, Connectedness, and Info. Tech. in Higher Education" (approx. 8 minutes)

Seven Fundamental Questions

Fundamental Questions home page

Why Bother? Why bother to use new technology, to support change, to build community?   Why bother to keep trying to improve teaching and learning... with technology?  Includes both practical and visionary answers.

Education, Technology, and the Human Spirit

Learning Cures Sadness -- Excerpt from T. H. White's Once & Future King

"You Are Not Alone!"

Babies Page

Holding Babies. and other Near Life Experiences
Excerpts from AAHESGIT Posting by Steven W. Gilbert, June 18, 1996      Full text of AAHESGIT Posting #127 10/29/01

Postcards, Instant Messaging, & Other Forms of Maintaining Connections
[Steve Gilbert's Posting to AAHESGIT of 11/00]

Thanksgiving Web page

More on Nurturing Communities ... 

More on Connectedness...


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