March 30, 2007 2pm EDT
Top 10 Objections to Assessment

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Top 10 Objections to Assessment
[And how to think about and respond to them]
Steve Ehrmann & Steve Gilbert, TLT Group

Any of these sound familiar?  
Just tell me the least I can do to keep the assessment advocates off my back.
I've never seen an assessment that was worth the time and money.
Outsiders use assessment to grab power -to control people, programs or budgets
Studies are a waste of time. The findings don't change anyone's conclusions.
Setting assessment-oriented objectives will distort what we do best in this program
It's too soon for assessment. Let's wait until things are running well
Assessment may be OK in theory but I don't have time.
Assessing costs? Just an excuse to cut budgets and jobs!
More assessment? We already grade students and have a student course evaluation system.
By the time we get any results from an assessment, they'll be obsolete.
I already know more about my courses and students than any 'assessment' can tell me.

This Web page offers a variety of resources to help people working on activities where "assessment" can trigger a dangerous discussion, e.g., assessment training, accreditation, student course evaluation, testing programs, personnel evaluation, cost analyses...  This FridayLive! session will discuss several techniques for avoiding needless controversy (arguments that can happen even when people actually agree with one another) and for shining a flashlight on real disagreements. 

To help us plan a more successful session this Friday, please take 2-3 minutes to fill out this survey. Tell us which objections should be the focus of our session!   For background material that will enable you to get more out of this FridayLive! session, click here.

Online Registration - free, but required - for FridayLive! 3/30/2007 Session

Help us decide which 'frequently made objections' to discuss - click here for a pre-FridayLive! survey
Survey results from respondents as of Thursday afternoon

5 Minute Introductory, Preparatory Presentation   

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5 Minute Introductory, Preparatory Workshop

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Pre-Friday Live Needs Assessment Click here! Take this survey to a) let us know which objections it's most important for us to discuss on Friday, b) see if you'd want to use a survey like this to help deal with hot button issues in your own work. (It's a template in Flashlight Online.)
Full FridayLive! Session
- March 30, 2007

Steve Ehrmann &  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group

1 hour + 30 minutes open discussion

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TLT-SWG Blog entry
for Mar. 30, 2007 FridayLive! session
Click here! Describes plans and context for FridayLive! session about FMOs, etc.   Provides opportunity for exchanging comments.
Other Useful Resources  
Home page for FMO resources from TLT Group Click here! Frequently Made Objections to Assessment and Evaluation
(and How You Might Respond) - lots of references, links from TLT Group
Resistance to Program Evaluation and Assessment


Click here! From Flashlight Evaluation Handbook - TLT Group
Article explaining "confusors" and what to do about them Click here! Confusors - Separated by a Common Language - TLT Group

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Steve Ehrmann
TLT Group, Inc.

Steve Gilbert
TLT Group, Inc.

Lisa Star
TLT Group, Inc.


Additional TLT Group Staff likely to Participate

Event   FridayLive!  Featured Guests: 
Stephen C. Ehrmann, TLT Group
Dates   March 30, 2007
Time   2pm Eastern U.S. Time Zone
Session Focus   Help participants
Pre-requisites   Active interest in creating, adapting, and/or applying ....  Ideally, visit, join, and explore ...
Context   See: 

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Scheduled for 2pm Eastern on Friday 3/30/2007:

2:05pm EST  Background & Context - Assessment as a 'hot button' issue

Focus on a) 'confusors' that can derail discussion about assessment, b) frequently made objections to assessment (we'll focus on topics identified in advance by people who responded to this survey), and c) other ways to respond to objections and resistance.

2:50pm Closing

  • Sharing examples, advice

  • Questions to ponder

  • Options for asynch discussion

  • "Last Words"

  • Announcements


v.  3:00pm Extra Informal Discussion
(END no later than 3:30pm Eastern)

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