May 11, 2007 2pm EDT

Mac Use on Campus


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Mac Use on Campus: Policy Issues and Problem Solving

Charles Ansorge, Todd Jensen, U. Nebraska - Lincoln

Moderator:  Steven W. Gilbert, President, TLT Group

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This Web page offers a variety of resources to help explain and encourage educational uses of combinations of online and face-to-face activities, especially 5-minute multimedia "clips" and 5-minute hybrid workshops.   For more detailed info ...

5 Minute Introductory, Preparatory Workshop    Full FridayLive! Session 5/11/2007 - Recordings

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Digital Archives for Full FridayLive! Session - May 11, 2007

Full FridayLive! Session
May 11, 2007

Steve Gilbert, TLT Group

1 hour + 30 minutes open discussion

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More Selected, Annotated Resources and References

about Educational Uses of Online + Face-to-Face Activities

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for May 11, 2007 FridayLive! session

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Session Leaders



Steve Gilbert
TLT Group, Inc.
Charles Ansorge
University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Todd Jensen
University of Nebraska

Sally Gilbert
Lisa Star
TLT Group, Inc.
Rebecca Kurtz


Additional TLT Group Staff likely to Participate

Steve Ehrmann
TLT Group, Inc.
  Bonnie Hunter
TLT Group, Inc.


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Event FridayLive!
Dates May 11,  2007
Time 2pm Eastern U.S. Time Zone
Session Focus  
Key Web Pages  



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Other Resources

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Scheduled for 2pm Eastern on Friday 4/13/2007:

i.  2:00pm EDT  Steve Gilbert

ii.  2:05pm EDT Charles Ansorge & Todd Jensen

iii.  Next Steps

  • Point to relevant resources;  announce ...

iv.  Clothing the Emperor - Steve Gilbert - May handle this BEFORE 2pm EDT

v.  2:50pm EDT Closing

  • Sharing examples, advice

  • Questions to ponder

  • Options for asynch discussion

  • "Last Words"

  • Announcements


v.  3:00pm EDT Afterthoughts - Extra Informal Discussion
(END no later than 3:30pm Eastern)

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