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"Creating and Using Brief Online (and Hybrid) Teaching and Learning Resources"

3:45 - 5:15pm Student Center - Gallery
October 8, 2008  Guilford College


Steven W. Gilbert, President;  Sally Gilbert, Director;
Matthew Gordon (Guilford 1998), Coordinator.  
The TLT Group

Purpose, Audience, Context:  This interactive workshop demonstrates and explains how, even when only 15 minutes is available, simple technology and group activities can help improve teaching and learning with technology - both in campus classrooms and online. 

Plan A  [Plan B]


I.  Welcome & Intro to BHs &
"Some Assembly Required" Approach

II. Build Mock BHs

Small Groups use Worksheet

III.  BHs in Guilford Courses?
How could BHs fit into Guilford courses?

IV.  Feedback/Closing

More detail...

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Plan B

Same as above, but don't use an eClip(s);  instead, read main points aloud.

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 Interactivities: Think-Pair-Share

1 Minute - Think

4 Minutes - Discuss in small groups

2 Minutes - Report

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 eClip(s) Other Resources

Selected eClips

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 Follow-up:  Feedback, Future Activities and Additional Resources

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*Please Personalize
Adapt to fit the abilities, preferences, needs of the learners AND the leader/presenters (teachers).
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TLT Group Certification for BHs

Some Rights Reserved:  "Share it Forward" Creative Commons License by the TLT Group, a Non-Profit Corp.

Important comments, disclaimers?  E.g., acknowledging important sources

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TMI/TMO/TLT = Too much information.  Too many options.  Too little Time.

This Web page:  http://www.tltgroup.org/Guilford20081008.htm

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