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Journal on Excellence <br />in College Teaching <br /><br />Est. in 1990, quarterly, internationally refereed, online and print


To provide "a scholarly, written forum for discussion by faculty about all areas affecting teaching and learning, and [to give] faculty the opportunity to share proven, innovative strategies and thoughtful, inspirational insights about teaching."

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Lecture Notes

What makes the Journal an appropriate venue interdisciplinary publication?

The journal is especially good for this sort of thing.  In several disciplines there are journals devoted specifically to teaching tips for specific courses.  E.g., psychology teaching, "dealing with stereotypes about aging in a lifespan development course".  And some teaching problems are just exactly that specific.  But MANY teaching problems are common across a number of disciplinary contexts, e.g., "how do I get active learning even in a big class?"  "How do I set classroom policies that are fair and flexible without getting eaten alive?"  The Journal is especially well placed to do those general teaching issues, and leave the necessarily specific ones to the disciplinary journals.