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Diversity among Learners and Teachers:
Using Technology to Identify It, Respond to It,
and Take Advantage of it


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Brief Hybrid Workshop:  Not the Same Old Diversity  

Class Size - Dangerous Discussion?


Wednesdays, January 21, and 28 and February 4, 2009, 1pm EST

Eli Collins-Brown, Methodist College of Nursing, Steve Gilbert,  Steve Ehrmann, TLT Group and special guests

Students and faculty members can differ in many ways that matter in a course.  How can faculty make use of technology to discover some of the more subtle, important differences among students? When students differ in what they bring to the course (culture, skills, preconceptions, knowledge), how can faculty and students use technology in ways that make diversity into an asset for the course?

We acknowledge the challenge(s) and complexity of "diversity."

This workshop is not the same old diversity discussion.  We'll be confronting this befuddling and debilitating paradox:

A) People are tired of conversations about diversity, technology and engagement AND

B) People are reluctant to talk about more complex, difficult, and painful challenges that are becoming more pressing - about the interaction of diversity, engagement, technology - BOTH at the institutional level and the individual course level.

In each of the three sessions of this workshop, we will introduce some 'take-away' ideas and tools that faculty and those who support faculty can use, easily and inexpensively, to improve teaching and learning.

And we are looking for participants who will do the same: bring their own experiences and ideas to the workshop, and share them with other participants.   We'll have some materials to help you prepare for each session, and we'll be polling participants to see who has relevant ideas and experiences to share in each session.

AUDIENCE: faculty support/development staff; faculty; graduate teaching assistants; human resources staff.

Session One: Uncovering Diversity:
How we can use technology to discover the dimensions and extent of diversity in the group you're working with as well as to discover the different reasons why students may not be doing well in the same teaching/learning activity.

Session Two: Reducing the Gap:
How we can identify and deal constructively with the significant gap that exists with respect to the use of technology among diverse groups and individuals. We will focus on realizing more of the potential of COMMONLY AVAILABLE TECHNOLOGY for teaching and learning for groups that have access to common tools (e.g., cell phones) but who have not had much opportunity to experience the educational uses of these common tools.

Session Three: Taking advantage of Diversity:
How we can use technology to take advantage of student diversity - or even extend that diversity? What are some instructional possibilities - among students taking the same course or perhaps students in different courses in different countries?

All of the TLT Group’s online offerings include use of “low threshold” tools, examination of controversial issues, options for participants with a range of experience, and suggestions for assessment as you integrate what you’ve learned into your repertoire.   For information about how TLT events are different from most others you've attended, click HERE For information about this and other TLT Group workshop, click  HERE.


Participants should sign-in 15 minutes early for tech instructions and to meet others in the group; they also have the option of remaining online for a half-hour follow-up discussion immediately after the workshop.  


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