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FridayLive! Experiment Sept 26, 2008

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Please feel a little grateful, guilty...
If you find this FridayLive! session (9/26/2008 2pm EDT) or this Web page interesting and useful, please feel somewhat obligated to provide a similar modest recommendation about some tool, resource, service, or organization.  Text and/or voice recording and/or video (eClip).
Here's how to share your own favorites in your own voice!
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I.  Favorite Easy/Useful Tools, Resources

Audio Recorded via Gabcast

  • "":  Free Web-based service converts long URLs to short, easy to remember URLs. (4 mins audio;  Sept 24, 2008) Hear:
    Steve Ehrmann, TLT Group

  • Wordle - - toy for generating beautiful word clouds (tag clouds) - visual representations of words showing some kinds of relationships - highlight words and leave notes on a Web page; and share your highlights, notes with others.  Also see Cindy Russell's useful blog entry.
     (4 mins audio;  Sept. 26, 2008)
    Cynthia Russell, U. Tenn. Health Science Center

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Useful Links, Resources Referred to in Session

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Share your own answers
in your own voice
You can send an email to me, Steve Gilbert.  Please include a title or one sentence description of what you are willing to share and we'll send you the phone #, channel #, and password that you can use as described below.  Or you can just send the text description and any relevant URLs.  If you're not too modest, pls include a URL of a photo of yourself.

  • Phone toll-free (in USA) 555 555 5555
    Enter Channel Number: XXXXXX
  • Enter Password: YYYYYY
    Press 1 to start recording
  • Speak clearly for 2 to 5 minutes
    - Use normal telephone voice
          (not too loud, not too close to microphone)
  • Press #
  • Press 2

    When you are recording, first, tell us your name, your title, your institution, and - if you like - your contact info (preferably an email address that you wouldn't mind people knowing and using).

    More detailed instructions for
    self-recording by toll-free phone  (Google Doc) Alternative tinyURL:

    Interviewee Release Form - 2 pages (PDF)

    Instructions for Downloading MP3 version of recording made via Gabcast telephone option.

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    RSS Feed <== Click here to subscribe to RSS feed or to get URL for iTunes subscription to Gabcast   FridayLive! Channel that includes audio recordings about topics from the TLT Group's FridayLive! sessions.

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    II.  Some Favorite Organizations

    [Incomplete 9/26/2008]

    The League for Innovation in the Community College
    POD Network

  • Sloan-C
  • NMC

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General Information

I.  Useful Web-based Tools, Services - Recent Favorites

A.  Identified by TLT Group staff and colleagues before 2pm EDT Sept 26, 2008

B.  Others to be identified DURING the FridayLive! session 2-3pm EDT Sept 26, 2008

II.  Useful Organizations
That provide useful resources for improving teaching and learning with technology in higher education

A.  TLT Group's Associates

B.  Others to be identified DURING the FridayLive! session 2-3pm EDT Sept 26, 2008

 III.  Exchanging Other Useful References, Resources

NOTE:  Part of this is an experiment to see if we can use FridayLive! to help just a little to support and extend some of the work of Compassionate Pioneers!


Free to anyone who registers in advance. 
More registration info...

Session Interaction

This session will take place online using the TLT Group Adobe Connect online webcast room. You can use the instructions below to enter the session.  The online room will open 30 minutes prior to the start of the session.  

The session is broadcast live and other participants will connect synchronously to the webcast. There will be live audio from the presenters that you will hear through your own headset or speakers. The main form of interaction for participants is through a chat space in the session. You will also be able to speak using a microphone if you have one.

There will be a short technical orientation session that will start approximately 10 minutes before the main session begins.

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Please use your Login Name and Password and NOT the Guest LOGIN. If you are logging in for a group please let us know that in advance. We can provide individual login names for your group members if you need them.

USERNAME: Your email address

PASSWORD: Your email address

(Use the email address that you registered for the session with, do not use the guest login option to enter the room)

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Technical Requirements

PC or MAC, Browser with a Flash Player, speakers or a headset. (Use this link to test your system: If you are having any problems completing the system or test or have questions about the interface, do not hesitate to call me for help.

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Archive and Recording

These sessions will be recorded and you can access the archive on the TLT Group Website after the presentation. This archive provides an online searchable recording of the chat room, audio, and visual components of the session. By participating you agree to be recorded.


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