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Co-Sponsored by AAC&U and ePAC

April 16, 23, 30 
12:00-1:00 pm Eastern 

Leaders:  Darren CambridgeGeorge Mason University, and Steve Ehrmann, TLT Group

Course Description:   ePortfolios are promising, unevenly implemented, and rapidly evolving. Some see ePortfolios primarily in terms of assessment/accountability, while others focus primarily on their use to create a stimulating, empowering learning environment. And those aren't the only possible goals.

This workshop will deal with three major issues:
    a) what are ePortfolios and how are they currently being used?
    b) what factors and barriers should be considered in planning an ePortfolio initiative?
    c) how can a program use feedback from faculty and students to guide the development of the initiative?

ourse Outline

Week 1, April 16     Models of ePortfolio Practice
In this session, participants will:

Week 2, April 23     The Challenges of Implementation
In this session, participants will:

  • Survey factors and barriers frequently important in the process of implementing an ePortfolio initiative

  • Discuss strategies for working across institutional roles and unit to form a strong leadership team

  • Explore similarities and differences between the challenges facing US and UK institutions with guest speaker Rob Ward of the Center for Recording Achievement, UK (unconfirmed)

Week 3, April 30     ePortfolios and Formative Program Evaluation 
In this session, participants will:

  • Investigate the potential of the matrix survey approach gather feedback from faculty and students

  • Discuss limitations of "outcomes" and alternative approaches to the use of ePortfolios in assessment

  • Discuss ways in which portfolios can provide insights into the "experienced curriculum" with guest speaker Kathleen Blake Yancey of Florida State University

Participants for this Workshop:

  • This workshop will be most useful to faculty, learning support staff, academic technologists, librarians, and academic administrators leading or considering the use of ePortfolios beyond the context of an individual course at their institutions.  

  • To get the most out of the workshop, participants will need to spend about 30 minutes each week reading materials and viewing examples. Actually implementing an ePortfolio initiative can take as much time as there is in the day and then some. However, participants should come away with insights that inform their individual practice as learners and teachers that may prove useful in less formal engagements.  

              Workshop Fees:                    
 Non-TLT Group subscriber or member of co-sponsoring organization: $225
Member of AAC&U: $185
Member of ePAC: $185
TLT Group subscriber: $150
TLT Group Individual Member: $150


Darren Cambridge,
Assistant Professor of Internet Studies and Information Literacy, international authority on ePortfolios,  George Mason University

Steve Ehrmann,
Director of the Flashlight Program on the Evaluation and Improvement of Educational Uses of Technology


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