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Lilly North Sep 24 - 27, 2009

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Poster Sessions from
Lilly North Conference on College and University Teaching
Sep 24 - 27, 2009

Video Interviews
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Webinars are not excuses for hour-long PowerPoints

[7:13 min.]

Danny Benau, Biomedical Writing, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia

  Emotional & Multiple Intelligences in The Virtual Classroom

[ 2:22 min.]

Dawn Muhammad, Communication, Calumet College of St. Joseph

  How to use a Webcam, Photos, JPEG PowerPoint Slides as a stepping stone for making DVDs

[ 5:19 min.]

Gloria Lukusa-Barnett, Developmental Curriculum, Ferris State University

  Promoting a Community of Teaching

[8:04 min.]

Jeff Thomas, Teacher Education, University of Southern Indiana

  Does it matter? An evaluation of required service learning projects in introductory communication courses

[1:32 min.]

Jennifer Heisler, Communication and Journalism, Oakland University

  Engaging First-Year Students in the Research Process: The “A Week in the Life” Project

[1:12 min.]

Kathleen Kinkema, Exercise & Sport Science, Western State College of Colorado

  Using Popular Culture in the Classroom to Engage Students

[7:47 min.]

Lisa Friedrich-Harris, English, Baker College of Auburn Hills

  The Foundation of a Liberal Education: Liberal Studies in the 21 Century

[7:28 min.]

Mitchell Klett, Education, Northern Michigan University

  Promoting Social Responsibility in an Undergraduate Ecology Class: The Lifestyle Change Project

[6:41 min.]

Mary Lynam, Science and Mathematics, Marygrove College

  Reciprocity & Other Protocols: Orienting Key Stakeholders for Academic Service Learning Partnerships

[1:41 min.]

Mursalata Muhammad, English, Grand Rapids Community College

  Students' Perceptions of Student Involvement in the Classroom

[2:13 min.]

Robert Sidelinger, Communication and Journalism, Oakland University

  Engaging Future Elementary Teachers-Practices Implemented in Elementary Teacher Assisting Program at Grand Valley

[6:14 min.]

Wei Gu, College of Education, Grand Valley State University

  The Real Science of Alcohol for Adult Learners

[1:54 min.]

Juliana Texley, Educational Technology, Central Michigan University

  The Ferris State University Political Engagement Project

[4:46 min.]

Christine Bailey - Social Sciences, Ferris State University
Marcy Parry - Health Care Systems Administration, Ferris State University

  Engaging Undergraduates in Ethical Reasoning Using Problem Based Learning (PBL)

[2:19 min.]

Chris Kirk, Health Physical Education Recreation, Northern Michigan University

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