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This is the home page for the TLT Group's Faculty/Professional Development Program. This program is a synthesis of many excellent faculty development programs designed to support the improvement of individual courses by faculty members using information technology.
 We hope and expect to work closely with leaders of faculty or professional development activities to tailor this service to fit the goals, needs and resources of each unique college or university.
A brief overview of the program appears just below in the left column. To the right is an annotated table of contents with links to more detailed information about the program's elements and selected resources.

Program Overview

Low-Threshold, Incremental, Pragmatic, Flexible, Collaborative, ... Reasonable! Tailored Workshop Series (Face-to-Face, Online, Hybrid) for Faculty Members, Academic Support Professionals, & Their Colleagues - Inclusive

This program is designed for a cohort of faculty members (and possibly others) who are included because of BOTH their receptivity to improving teaching and learning with technology; AND their inclination to help colleagues.  See "Compassionate Pioneers."

Each participant uses the TLT Group's  "Course Improvement Planning/Description Template" and related "Exploration Guides" while working with at least one colleague (faculty member, librarian, tech support, instructional designer, ...) in each phase of this cycle:

  • Select and plan at least one improvement in at least one course
  • Make at least one improvement in at least one course
  • Assess and further improve at least one aspect of that change [and prepare for problems]
  • Help at least one faculty colleague make a similar improvement
  • Identify and obtain additional resources

    [Repeat cycle as needed]

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Program Elements -
Brief Table of Contents

(Click here for Annotated Table of Contents)

  1. Rationale & Recommendations

  2. Sample Suggested Schedule/Agenda

  3. Course Improvement Planning/Description Template

  4. TLTG Exploration Guides

  5. Feedback Form (PDF version)

  6. Technical Requirements for Hybrid Sessions

  7. Sample of Leaders, Guests, & Their Presentations

  8. Supplementary Resources

  9. Links to Institutions Involved

  10. <Link to be inserted here:  Workbook, Online order form, What else?>

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Program Elements
Annotated Table of Contents

  1. Rationale & Recommendations
    Integrating Technology into Higher Education:  Dangerous Discussions, New Conditions, Old Truths About Faculty/Professional Development

  2. Sample Suggested Schedule/Agenda
    Overview & details for academic-year "hybrid" faculty/professional development program and for introductory 5-6 hour session.

  3. Course Improvement Planning/Description Template
    Helps faculty members select options, plan, describe, analyze, compare, and share important improvements in teaching and learning with technology

  4. .
  5. TLTG Exploration Guides
    Include direct links & recommendations to guide Web work with colleagues in a computer lab or on your own - within faculty/professional development program. 

  6. Feedback Form (PDF version)
    Results help revise workshops and plan next steps.

  7. Technical Requirements for Hybrid Sessions

  8. What leaders, presenters, participants need.

  9. Sample of Leaders, Guests, & Their Presentations
    Slidesets, readings, digital recordings - reflect diverse options for including experts who cannot be present.

  10. Supplementary Resources
    Includes printable versions of optional handouts, one-page descriptive flyers - suitable for printing, duplication, distribution - and links to other resources available from the TLT Group.   

  11. Links to Institutions Involved
    Sample of institutions using some guidelines and resources from this program.

  12. <Link to be inserted here:  Workbook, Online order form, What else?>

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