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Introducing "5-Minute eClips" and "Brief Hybrid Workshops"
(and eClips, Hybrid Workshops, Hybrid Teaching/Learning Modules)

For faculty development, professional development, and improving teaching and learning with technology in higher education

Easy, Effective, Useful, Legal, Ethical, Low-Cost, Accessible



"The 5 minute timer is appropriate for children who understand that they need to wait, or can carry on with an activity for a bit longer but need some reassurance as to when they must finish.  - From SenseToys Web page

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The TLT Group is interested only in those Brief Hybrid Workshops and Teaching/Learning Modules that also have these characteristics:

  • Purpose:  Faculty/Professional Development (& Teaching/Learning)
    Its purpose is to support faculty development, professional development, (and the improvement of teaching/learning in specific courses).

  • Internet-Accessible Components
    It includes at least some components available via the Internet.

  • Low-Threshold
    It is to some extent an LTA [Low-Threshold Activities/Application]

  • Head, Heart, Hand, Foot, and Voice
    Must include some of each of Head, Heart, Hand.  Must be practical (foot).  Someone's voice must be heard.


*TMI/TMO/TLT = Too much information.  Too many options.  Too little Time.

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