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Steve Gilbert

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Randall Bass

Assoc. Professor and Asst. Provost

Georgetown University

Richard Detweiler
Great Lakes Colleges Association

David Eisler
Ferris State University

Sally Gilbert
Director of Administration
The TLT Group

Steven W. Gilbert
The TLT Group

Edward Hallowell
Director: The Hallowell Center for Cognitive and Emotional Health

Althea Jenkins
University Librarian

Candice Willut
Senior Technology Scientist
Educational Testing Service


Sylvia Charp
[Ca. 1920 - August 26, 2003]
Editor-in-Chief  T.H.E. Journal

David A. Gardner
[May 1947- December 2002]
President: Gardner Capital Corporation

The TLT Group helps people in educational institutions to improve teaching and learning by making more appropriate and cost-effective use of information technology without sacrificing what matters most to them.

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Sally Gilbert

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