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Change: Improvement,  and Resistance

Fundamental Questions:
What do you most want to gain? What do you most cherish and want not to lose?

If this idea is so good, why aren't more people using it? 

The Alverno Paradox

The Seven Principles Paradox...

  • Institutions e.g. Alverno, ...
  • Individuals e.g. ...
  • Technologies e.g., "hot" technologies e.g., Second Life, CAI, ePortfolios...


Faculty Always Beginning?

  • Improving teaching always includes faculty being a beginner in some way... so?

Who cares? Why Bother?

Moore’s Law

SEE HHolcomb paranoia vs rationality in Real and Useful Assessment

Counter-implementation Strategies

That's such a great idea that we should get everything fully prepared before we launch...

That Might Work with Your Students…But IT Won’t Work with Mine

JoAnn Munroe, Instructional Designer/Faculty Trainer; Chalu Harris-Adams, Fresh Start Program; Gina Hatcher, Business and iBest Program, Tacoma Community College
This presentation addresses the commonsense notion that using technology in some courses is "risky" and "might work well for some students, but not for mine." Following Banks (2006) who argues that technology is both a site of struggle and possible liberation, the presenters demonstrate how their own informed risk taking in high stakes developmental courses results in students' increased willingness to become successful risk-takers themselves in an academic setting. Drawing on Garrison and Vaughan's (2008) observations around creating communities of inquiry and Lehman's (2011) work on social presence, this session is about forwarding student engagement and self-authorship (Baxter-Magolda) using technology.

Ways people Change

  • Ownership 
  • Small Steps
  • Scaffolding
  • Individual Curiosity
  • Like-minded, supportive partner or small group that encourages experimentation
  • Institutional Fiat

Anti-Counter-Implementation Strategies

TLTRs: Teaching, Learning, and Technology Roundtables  

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Fundamental Questions (see

What do you most want to gain? What do you most cherish and want not to lose?


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