TLT Group Senior Associates volunteer to contribute to the planning and or implementation of TLT Group events in a variety of roles. Private forum for Senior Associates.

Their contributions involve aspects of the following five categories and vary among associates:

  •     session voice, 
  •     resource curator/provider, 
  •     designated learner/designated teacher, 
  •     technical support and
  •     program development.

Karlton Brown,
TLT Group Senior Associate, Technology Advisor

Ilene Frank, TLT Group Senior Associate, Resource Provider, Session Voice

Ilene Frank has been providing resources and wisdom to the TLT Group since 2009.  She graduated from University of Michigan with a Masters in Library Science in 1974. She retired as a reference librarian at the University of South Florida with emerita status in  2009.    Ms. Frank began teaching online courses as an adjunct for USF's  School of Library Science in 1996 offering a course "Library Services for Distance Learners."  This experience spurred her interest in the use of technology for teaching and learning. She currently teaches online courses for University of Maryland University College's Masters in Distance Education and E-Learning program.  She also works as reference librarian at Hillsborough Community College (Florida). She is also Director of Library Services for University of the People, an accredited, global, tuition-free, online university. Ms. Frank has an undergraduate degree and a master's in painting in addition to her master's in library science.

Penny Kuckkahn TLT Group Senior Associate, Session Voice, Designated Learner /Teacher, Resource Provider

Penny Kuckkahn has been in education for over 20 years and affiliated with the TLT Group since 2003.  She began her career during her summers while in college as a counselor/teacher of Japanese at Concordia Language Villages in Northern Minnesota. After completing her bachelor's degree, she taught Japanese for 10 years via instructional television to middle and high school students where her passion for instructional technology began. She pioneered the use of interactive television with K-12 teachers in her role as Staff Development Coordinator and eventually Assistant Director for the Nicolet Distance Education Network. Penny's work with Nicolet College began as a PK-12 relations coordinator, where she built connections with area school districts; she then shifted to instructional design where she again taps into her passion for technology. She believes in helping faculty and students discover and seek an understanding of their content. She earned a B.A. in International Studies and an M.S. in Education from St. Norbert College in De Pere, Wisconsin. She most recently earned a professional certification from the Wisconsin Leadership Development Institute and authored the 16th CrossPaper titled Building Connections through Social Collaboration.

Bonnie B. Mullinix, TLT Group Senior Associate, Faculty and Educational Development.

Bonnie Mullinix joined the TLT Group in 2008.  She brings a wealth of experience to the team with over 35 years of experience as an educator at many levels and in many countries.  She has 15 years working with faculty and educational development in higher education as well as instructional technology innovation. Bonnie has a long-standing relationship with the faculty/educational development community and uses her strong connections through the POD Network and links to professional colleagues to help TLT Group identify, invite and prepare individuals to present at Friday Live! sessions. Having helped to produce, develop and promote Friday Live! in the past, her familiarity with the behind the scenes workings of Adobe Connect Pro makes it easy for her to facilitate sessions, model session voice or step into technical support roles as needed.  She has also offered on-site consultations and workshops in the past.  She is committed to giving voice and supporting collaboration among educational professionals interested in exploring, researching and considering innovative ideas for enhancing teaching and learning interactions.

Dale Parker, TLT Group Senior Associate, Resource Provider and Curator

Dale Parker has been senior faculty of math, science and writing at Cambridge College, Springfield, MA since 1996. She formerly worked as a chemical engineering technician for Monsanto Chemical Company for 20 years after being the first woman hired in the Springfield, MA research department in 1972. She received her B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Massachusetts and her M.Ed. in Education from Cambridge College. She also attended Saybrook University’s Educational Leadership Doctoral Program, a distance learning program. One of her special interests is in adult education. In addition to teaching at Cambridge College, she is a substitute teacher in an adult literacy program, Read Write Now. Another special interest is helping women and students of color who are interested in math and science careers and who may encounter the same barriers as she has successfully overcome. She served for several years as a mentor for these students at the New England Science Symposium sponsored by and held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge Massachusetts. Ms. Parker has been a member of TLT since 2012 and is an avid advocate for online learning.

David Parker, TLT Group Senior Associate

John Sener, TLT Group Senior Associate, Program Development

John Sener is the founder/CKO of Sener Knowledge LLC, a consulting practice which co-creates knowledge leading to positive change in education, learning, and society. He is the author of the book The Seven Futures of American Education: Improving Learning & Teaching in a Screen-Captured World (CreateSpace, 2012). His involvement with TLT-related activities dates back to 1999, when he was the founder and chair of a Teaching, Learning, and Technology Roundtable at Northern Virginia Community College’s Extended Learning Institute. He has also (co-)facilitated various workshops for the TLT Group over the past ten years. He has served as an external evaluator for numerous National Science Foundation and other grant-funded projects, and he is also involved with a variety of other organizations in the field, including the Quality Matters Academic Advisory Council, the National University Technology Network (NUTN) Advisory Board, and the Online Learning Consortium (OLC) International Conference Committee. His career in education and training over the past 30+ years is a unique mixture of broad practical experience and academic expertise. He holds a M.S. degree in Education from Johns Hopkins University and a B.A. in Psychology from Oberlin College.

Lisa Star, TLT Group Senior Associate,  Designated Learner/Teacher, Resource Provider

Lisa Star has been in education for over 25 years and affiliated with the TLT Group since 2001. She has served as the Program Manager for Online Programs at EDUCAUSE since 2014. Her background includes extensive faculty development, instructional design, online programs, and project management experience from higher education and the private sector. Lisa has had a variety of roles with the TLT Group including involvement in the creation of FridayLive! while serving as the Education Director. She has also helped to produce hundreds of online courses, webcasts, and experiences in higher education. Her faculty development experiences are often focused in blended and hybrid delivery modes where she has expertise in effective techniques utilizing educational technologies. She holds a B.A. in History and English from Dakota Wesleyan University, an M.A. in History from the University of South Dakota, an M.S. in Higher Education from Kaplan University, and an EdS in Educational Technology from Nova Southeastern University.

Robert Voelker-Morris. TLT Group Senior Associate

Robert Voelker-Morris currently works for the University of Oregon’s Teaching Engagement Program (TEP) as a Faculty Technology Consultant. For his position at TEP, Robert facilitates various workshops and provides individual consultations for faculty, instructors, and graduate student teachers on the topic of Educational Technologies.  This includes providing support for designing online and blended courses,   Additionally, Robert has been an instructor for the Arts Administration Program at the UO since 2003.  The main course he has taught is a fully online General Education course on the topic of “Arts and Visual Literacy.”  Among other teaching opportunities Robert has worked on have included collaborative teaching First Year seminars on the topics “Creative Collaborations” and “From the First X-ray to Contemporary Pop Culture: Artistic Exhibition of Scientific Images.” The merging of technology and education has been an exciting combination of interests for Robert at both a personal and professional level.  Robert’s work as a Technology Consultant for TEP has allowed him to share knowledge and experiences to colleagues at the UO, as well as around the world. Robert received a BS in Art History from Oregon State University and a MS in Arts Administration, with a focus on Museum Studies at the University of Oregon.  He has been a member of the TLT Group since 2007, and has taken part in many workshops, planning sessions, and other TLT Group activities.

The TLT Group helps people in educational institutions to improve teaching and learning by making more appropriate and cost-effective use of information technology without sacrificing what matters most to them.

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