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AEFL = Almost Error Free Learning  
See also planning doc:  tlt.gs/AEFLpd
[Questions to be answered by separate AEFL Sessions??  Simulations using Google Forms?]
  • What are the essential features of AEFL?  
  • What is it like to learn via AEFL? [Practice samples, simulations]
  • Why does AEFL work?  [includes refs to relevant research]
  • What does AEFL work for especially well?  [Work OK?  Not well-suited?]

AEFL = Almost Error Free Learning

AEFL is more entertaining and only a little more complex than flash cards. Each AEFL item offers 2 images, 2 response options, and immediate feedback. Difficulty increases gradually in response to the learner's progress and initiative.

In less than 10 seconds after you click the "Go to item 1 NOW!" button, you will probably finish the first sample AEFL item!

Equivalent Expressions?

In many of the AEFL 2-image items, you will see two mathematical expressions, each framed separately by a rectangle. Your task is to decide if the two expressions are equivalent or not – based on the rules of arithmetic and algebra used in most introductory algebra courses.


Each AEFL Section usually takes 4-6 minutes to complete.  

Feedback to You

Feedback from You

At the end, you will be invited to offer suggestions and to provide contact information if you would like to participate further.  
(Otherwise your responses will be anonymous.)  
You may also indicate the total time elapsed from when you began until you finished.


UPDATE:  AEFL Development Project

Click here to see formatting of new Google Form for AEFL 20160702

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