New Challenges, New TLT Roundtables?
Can we identify conditions, characteristics, challenges, issues arising after 2010 
that might be addressed effectively by a new 
Adaptation of TLT Roundtables? 


Help the TLT Group identify some recent challenges that you believe could be most effectively addressed by the deliberations of a diverse group of stakeholders/representatives from within your own institution. 

Issues that are:

  • unavoidable and unpredictable

  • significant educationally and financially

  • likely to touch and depend on a variety of key stakeholders

  • risky if decided top-down - benefit from widespread understanding and support

Tell me [email:] whether any of the following fit the above for your own institution, and how to improve these descriptions - or offer me a better one!  We're really going to try to work on some of these examples:

  • Consideration of adopting  Gmail or Live@edu or similar option for all student email use

  • Shifting from Blackboard to SAKAI, Moodle or other Open Source/Open Education options

  • Guiding, supporting, taking advantage of new resources available for free that cannot be owned or controlled by the University (Google Docs;  students' cell phones; )

  • Commitment to increase both accessibility and use of online instructional resources in these times of budget and staff reductions

  • Figuring out what we mean by "online education" now and how we'll figure out how to change our minds about the nature and use of online and hybrid courses in the next few years when the possibilities are almost certain to multiply in ways we cannot fully predict, control, or avoid.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Steve Gilbert

The TLT Group helps people in educational institutions to improve teaching and learning by making more appropriate and cost-effective use of information technology without sacrificing what matters most to them.

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