Goals & Plans [tlt.gs/intro]


  • Enable, encourage people to make improvements in teaching and learning, and in the lives of those who support and are engaged in teaching and learning - especially improvements that include some improved uses of technologies.
    • Most of those people subsequently believe that something has improved for themselves and for people they care about
    • No influential group believes that they are losing anything important to them;  they are not being threatened, disenfranchised, disadvantaged, or harmed.  They are not motivated to oppose or resist.Avoid loss of useful info already developed, accumulated
  • Make info accessible in ways that increase likelihood that it will be used... soon... to make improvements
  • Develop, publish, support, revise, and reconfirm our Vision Worth Working Toward (VWWT)
    • Check often how well anthology-related activities support progress toward our VWWT - for the TLT Group and others. 
  • "Walk the Walk"
    • Make our anthology - at least partially - an online course;  i.e., follow our own advice about how to "teach" (share, implement, improve) our own advice and resources.  Use fishbowl and "pyramidal" inclusive planning  structures.
    • Don't do much more to develop this anthology until we believe that we have figured out how to do so in ways that are likely to have some desirable effects within one year... and more desirable effects in succeeding years.
    • FridayLive!
      • Convincement
        What has happened that has convinced you (or what has confirmed your beliefs) that Universal Design is helpful, important... to whom?
        In what situations does this work especially well?  In what situations is it not relevant or is difficult to implement?
      • Small Next Steps
        A.  Anyone?
        What are some of the smallest steps that can be taken soon by anyone who is convinced by your presentation?  Steps that will add some of the benefits of Universal Design to their own teaching/learning? (Or steps that will help those who support teachers and learners?
        B.  Previously Successful Teachers Making Improvements
        What are some of those steps that are especially, helpful for those who have already been successful teaching in campus-based classrooms and who are trying to improve teaching/learning further through the use of online options and other available technologies?
      • Spreading the Word - Effectively
        What has been done (how, when, by whom) to successfully increase the number of people who try some ideas and recommendations from Universal Design more than once?
      • Helpful to You
        What could we do or discuss before/during/after your FridayLive! session that would be helpful to you?  Help you to share some of the ideas, resources, advice that you value most?
      • Encourage, Enable, Engage... EXCHANGE
        In what ways can we help you actively engage our participants and enhance the exchange of useful information among them and yourselves?
  • Integrate planning and implementation.


Why me?  Why now?

We are all always on the brink of dying.  What's the difference between dying with grace and living with grace? 

We are all always coping with change 


Next Steps 

Click here for "Selecting Recipients, Topics, Strategies, Services/Products and Indicators of Success/Failure"

Continue Research, Prep on a few items 

(see Research for VWWT)

  • TLTR local orgs - current? ever?
  • TLTR Contacts (Contact some of them, discuss with some historically important TLTR colleagues)
  • SWG excerpt from his recording and talk again with Art Chickering
  • Find Workbook
  • Find, select, organize old TLTR online resources; ...

 [Google Doc] FrLv! eBook Principles Visions Queries Dec 2010-June 2015

The TLT Group helps people in educational institutions to improve teaching and learning by making more appropriate and cost-effective use of information technology without sacrificing what matters most to them.

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