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Introductory/Exploratory Online Planning Sessions


  • Build awareness, momentum
  • Form our own small group learning community - Collaborators
  • Sharpen focus: Select a Few Recipients, Topics, Strategies, Services, and Products
  • Make progress!


  • Explain "Anthology," 
  • Get Feedback
  • Form VWWT Learning Community (A TLTRR = TLTR Roundtable?)
    Who can help us bake this bread? 
    • Identify participation options for Senior Associates, other historically important individuals, ...
    • Who would like to do what?
  • Integrate FridayLive! Planning and Membership Exchange activities and 2015 Symposium?  
    TLTG "Anthology"  - Strategy, Structure, Content;  E.g., schedule 2:30pmET Thursdays ONE HOUR as Anthology Development sessions
  • Decide if we need $... for what?  When?
  • Develop implementation plans
    • Select a few Recipients, Topics, Strategies, Services/Products and Indicators of Success/Failure (See "Select Recipients...")
    • Schedule next sessions of Learning Community, other groups
  • Get to work!  

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