Introducing VWWT Anthology & GUURs
TLT Group Vision Worth Working Toward (VWWT)
Sharing Good UnderUtilized Resources (GUURs) - Role in FridayLive! etc.


 Discussion:  GUURs for FridayLive! Sharing and for TLT Group Anthology 

What is a GUUR?  Good UnderUtilized Resource

  • Examples of GUURs:   7 Principles;  Bloom's Taxonomy;  CATs;  MERLOT;  FridayLive!;  TLT Roundtables
  • GUURs & TLT Group Anthology
  • GUURs & FridayLive! sessions for 2015-16
  • What are some GUURs you would recommend to colleagues?
  • Why are some of these GUURs underutilized?
  • How would someone know that a good resource was ADEQUATELY utilized?  
  • Used by more than some minimal % of all faculty more than once?

What is the TLT Group Anthology?

  • How can we develop resources within and for the TLT Group Anthology so that they will be good and NOT underutilized?
  • First Step Straw Man for Anthology Project:  
  • Fundamental Questions?
  • What do we want to retrieve and revive from the TLT Group's first 20 years?
  • What do we want to "publish"?  "tell people"?  
  • How do we want to select, organize and supplement that info?
  • How do we want to "support" people to make USE of that info?  Which people?
  • "Who will help bake this bread?"
  • "What basic ingredients go into the stone soup?  Before asking others to contribute?  After the soup begins simmering?"
  • What can we do to make this more effective and useful (for whom) than selecting, organizing, publishing key info?
  • WHAT IS THE ROLE OF OUR CLOSING QUESTIONS DURING FRIDAYLIVE! - What are you going to DO/USE or SHARE soon after this ....?

  • E.g., include strategically designed suggestions recommendations, requests, suggestion, activity, meta-reading, contact, mentor, ....   to increase likelihood of USAGE of info 
  • within BOTH 
  • A  special section of the anthology of global  in the "anthology" AND 
  • B. strategically positioned locations within the "anthology"

  • Why?  Because we believe in the many values of reflection and metacognition!  We know that merely publishing info is unlikely to have much impact.

  • Identify participation options for Sr. Assocs et al.

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