Fundamental Questions and Brief Provocative Advice 

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The TLT Group's Queries are questions intended to foster deeper reflection, clearer thinking... and action...related to 

Education, Technology, and Change - as well as this anthology.

Queries re:  VWWT Anthology

  • How will this "anthology" be used?  By whom?
  • Can you identify one person or one group of people who could make one decision, one commitment to take one step that would improve some part of higher education within the next one year?
  • What could be done by whom to convince this person or group to make that decision or commitment?  Take that step?

Fundamental Questions 

(see tlt.gs/fqfi)

What do you most want to gain?

What do you most cherish and want not to lose?

Queries re:  Education, Technology, and Change

[ ] What's the evidence for a culture of evidence?  Evidence vs. Reason;  Assessing Assessment (esp. accreditation) - FAHE reaction to "assessment"
[ ] When does a student want interchangeable teachers?
[ ] When does a teacher want interchangeable students?  

Miami University Students: 

If you could tell faculty members one thing that would most improve their teaching and your learning?

Teacher makes me understand that he/she will help me

Speak clearly

Gen Ed courses - make them more accessible to non-majors

Give more time for students who don't speak English to prepare

Gen Ed courses - include some interaction, engagement in big courses

Flexibility in schedule, syllabus when can't cover enough from syllabus

Varied times for office hours

Allow enable students to work together within a course

Clearer explanations for assignments that seem like "busy work" to students


What about faculty use of social media?

Liked faculty who brought in professional friends via Facebook 

 Liked requirement to begin new Facebook accts for a spanish course

too distracting by other personal activities within facebook twitter if trying to do courese work within those media


What was favorite assignment and why?

"Miami plan" class - intro anthropology;  miniature ethnography project - applying to outside

Assignments that help understand what, why learning and how it will help in future

Taking photographs in Europe - similar in structure to "Family of Man" exhibit


Students need to be forced to think about WHY they are doing things, learning things

Having more freedom to choose aspects of materials in higher level courses

Like balance between structure and individual choice in assignments


  SWG  What makes you more likely to go to a class?  To prepare before going to that class?

Are students secretly recording classes? 


Dislike most:

Teacher says I can't understand you - doesn't offer to help   

Presentation - Margaret Driscoll, Charles Ansorge

Panel of Mentors - Moderator Steve Gilbert;  Panelists:  Charles Ansorge + 2-5 other Mentors (guest:  Jennifer McCrickerd?)

  • What I wish someone had told me before I taught my first online course;  
  • Favorite resources to help prepare to teach online course
  • What you plan to do next with your current mentees?  New mentees?
  • Comments about participating in TOL4B as a team vs. as individuals


Brief Provocative Advice


  • Following cited by Ron Berk November 18 2011 in Humor session at International Lilly Conference #lilly11
    See also "Humor Research"    
    • "...non-reproducible experience is goal for classroom activities - what neither students nor teacher can get any other way" 
    • "Humor is the ability to see three sides to one coin." -Ned Rorem http://t.co/DONdckBf 
    • "Go for the bronze!" 
  • "Objects may be smaller than they appear on the Web"
  • SEE HHolcomb paranoia vs rationality

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