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Brief Hybrid Teaching/Learning Modules

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Brief Hybrids
For faculty development, professional development, and improving teaching and learning with technology in higher education

Easy, Effective, Useful, Legal, Ethical, Low-Cost, Accessible

Brief Hybrids rapidly introduce useful information, tools, ideas or resources - in 15 minutes or less. Participants watch a brief video (eClip), interact with each other, exchange insights, give feedback, and are given options for going deeper into the subject.


I.  Brief Hybrid (BH) or Brief Hybrid Workshop (BHW)

A Brief Hybrid  (BH) is a session that rapidly introduces some useful information, tools, ideas or resources. In a BH, participants typically watch a brief video, interact with each other, exchange insights, give feedback, and are shown options for going deeper into the subject - all in about 15 minutes. A "home base" Web page provides links to all the essential resources for the BH: Video/eClip, activities, reference documents, plans, guidelines, etc. - see below.

Preparing a BH requires only a few simple technical skills that can be easily mastered. A BH can provide a low-risk first step for someone beginning to explore the growing variety of options for improving teaching and learning with technology.

Once developed, a BH can be reused, expanded or form the foundation for a series of other BHs. They can be adapted and led by peers with limited preparation. They can be inserted as brief agenda items in classes or meetings already scheduled (e.g., departmental meetings; lunch;  faculty meetings;  course review sessions;  ...).

BHs were originally suggested by Ray Purdom as an extension of Todd Zakrajsek's "Five-Minute Workshops."

II.  A “Brief Hybrid Teaching/Learning Module” (BHTLM)
A BHTLM is the same as a “brief hybrid workshop” EXCEPT for intended audience and purpose:  help students to learn something in a course (usually undergraduate).

III.  A "Brief Hybrid Kit" (BHK)
A BHK is designed for a group of users who share a common purpose but have slightly different goals.  A BHK has a home base Web page with the same structure as a BHW, but with multiple choices available in several of the cells.  That Web page can be easily modified and adapted to serve the needs of different group members.  

Example 1:  "Some Assembly Required" - intended to help complete beginners produce their first BHWs very quickly

Example 2.  "Gandhi's List of 7 Blunders that Lead to Violence" + 1 + 5

Example 3:  Rhetorical Knowledge
BHK focused on "Rhetorical Knowledge:  students will develop an understanding of 'writing situation' -- of the relationships between the occasion, the audience, and the form a written communication should take."   The eClip cell for this BHK might offer both:

A.  A link to a 5-minute video clip
An eClip that explains what "Rhetorical Knowledge" is, why it is important in many academic disciplines, and how it can be used - for example - in a few disciplines.

B.  A link to a generic script
A script available as a Google Document - suitable for copying and adaptation by a small group of faculty members from a single academic department.  The modified script enables that department to produce a new 5-minute video clip of their own.  The new clip becomes part of a new BHW suitable for use during the last 15 minutes of a class period in several departmental courses early in the academic year.

...More extended definitions, explanation.

*TMI/TMO/TLT = Too much information.  Too many options.  Too little Time.

See also Overloaditorium

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