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Focusing a Study - Aaron Cohen, Cal State, Sacramento

One of the toughest tasks in developing a study is figuring out what to study, and using that focusing process to develop a means of inquiry. Aaron Cohen, Prof. of History at California State University, Sacramento, has been experimenting with the use of the Web and other technology in his courses. The materials below tell the story of early stages of the development of a survey to help understand and improve these applications. This web site has been designed for use in a hands-on Flashlight workshop. This site, which is still under construction, has been developed with the support of the Visible Knowledge Project (VKP), in which Prof. Cohen and his university (California State University, Sacramento) participate.  

Caution: This site has been developed to support workshops facilitated by Flashlight or VKP leaders. The materials may not always be self-explanatory.

  1. Introduction
  2. Cohen Statement of Problem
  3. Ehrmann annotation of Cohen Statement (red for technology, green for activity, blue for outcome)
  4. Triad Chart
  5. Ehrmann notes on triads, possible survey designs (partial, rough draft)
  6. Ehrmann draft of survey for Cohen
  7. VKP staff, funded by a FIPSE grant, have also worked with Aaron Cohen on more qualitative forms of inquiry: using student dialogue and work to develop Cohen's understanding of how his students learn. As with the materials above, their web site describes the process of narrowing the question. "SoTL" is an abbreviation for "Scholarship of Teaching and Learning."
  8. Cohen surveys, Spring 2003 (Part I and Part II)
  9. Cohen data (to come)

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