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March 17, 2011

The underlying Flashlight Online 2.0 (FLO2) software has been developed, hosted, maintained, and supported by Washington State University (WSU) and is called “Skylight” at that institution.  Unfortunately, due to recent budget and staff reductions, WSU has informed the TLT Group that it will not be able to continue these services beyond December 31, 2011.  

Of course, the TLT Group continues to offer institutional subscriptions and individual memberships and related resources and services.  We are eager to talk with institutions about those options. 

Steven W. Gilbert
TLT Group

To help you with productive assessment -- useful information that guides improvement -- the TLT Group provides service:

Subscriber materials such as Flashlight Evaluation Handbook with dozens of topic guides and templates, Flashlight Cost Analysis Handbook, "Asking the Right Questions (ARQ) materials for faculty support and development,  and other materials. (Please get the username/password from your institutional contact.)  We also have many free articles online.

All of this work is aimed to help you and your colleagues gather the kinds of information needed to make decisions and save time. Its development guided by a set of principles known as the Flashlight Approach.

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