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Information Literacy

The TLT Group has been involved in the shaping and dissemination of the Information Literacy movement.  Thanks to an invitation some years ago from ACRL (Assoc. of College & Research Libraries), Steve Gilbert, President of the TLT Group, was pleased to serve on ACRL's Initiative that focused on identifying characteristics of best practices of undergraduate programs of Information Literacy.  The result of that work was a set of guidelines, approved by the ACRL Board in June, 2003 and titled "Characteristics of Programs of Information Literacy that Illustrate Best Practices: A Guideline."  As of July 7, 2009, that valuable document is available at:

These Guidelines identify 10 important categories:  Mission, Goals and Objectives, Planning, Administrative and Institutional Support, Articulation with the Curriculum, Collaboration, Pedagogy, Staffing, Outreach, and Assessment/Evaluation.

The TLT Group has continued active relationships with National Forum on Information Literacy and with ACRL.  We offer a series of online workshops on Information Literacy co-sponsored by ACRL, and a variety of resources linked to this page.

The TLT Group continues to enjoy and appreciate its relationship with ACRL.  We also welcome other co-sponsors for similar online events -- click here to learn about being a co-sponsor.

Visit SAMPLE ARCHIVE (digital recording)  from online workshops co-sponsored by ACRL and TLT Group about information literacy and collaboration, etc. 

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