One distinctive and valuable characteristic of the TLT Group is the partners we work with. 
By "partners" we mean the wide range of people and organizations with whom we work collaboratively and proudly

Roles: As many of you know, we initiated the TLT Roundtable approach to institutional exploration and planning.  We urged those who created TLTRs to include people at their institutions from a wide variety of roles.   We continue to work to include a wide variety of roles in everything we do.

Co-Sponsors: We seek out input and support from the Co-sponsors of our Online Institute.  These organizations and associations are pivotal to the effectiveness and timeliness of our online events.  (Becoming a Co-Sponsor is easy and earns your members a discount on online events.)

Subscribers: We have  institutional subscribers from many English speaking countries, although most are from US higher education institutions.  We cooperate with them in writing grants, in keeping up to date with the newest issues and technologies for learning and teaching.

Individual Members:  We now offer annual individual memberships which keep members connected and engaged in a variety of activities- especially FridayLive!

Working Relationships:  We collaborate with many major higher education associations and other initiatives.  We like generating ideas with others and collaborating on projects.  Some of these organizations are also members of our Advisory Council.

Special Thanks:  A variety of other organizations have enhanced our work along the way.


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