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Audio & Personalizing Pedagogy

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Audio Experiments Online
If you have a couple minutes (honest, you might enjoy the following audio experiments.  MORE SOON ABOUT INCREASING POSSIBILITIES AND VALUE FOR USING AUDIO VIA The WEB - BE SURE YOU'RE SUBSCRIBED TO TLT-SWG
- Steve Gilbert

1. Performance without Copyright Clearance

First, here's an experiment in playing audio in a way that doesn't require worrying about obtaining copyright permission for a performance.  Solution: use a URL that leads to an audio that's already been cleared for performance.

Imagine you have an online slideshow or lecture that would benefit from a short excerpt from "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" excerpt. Here's one (quite legal)  that lasts about 30 seconds. The URL is for

To hear it, please click on one of these (after turning on whatever you need to do to hear audio)

(a) If you typically use MS Mediaplayer (or don't know):


(b) If you typically use RealPlayer:


Second:  Classic Boudreaux Technology Story (Cajun Academic Humor)

Voice has capabilities that print lacks (and vice versa, of course). "Boudreaux Goes to Paris" is the classic Cajun Academic story "about" the reliability of technology, and the quality of audio recordings.  I made this recording by calling David and using one inexpensive piece of hardware to record the story in digital form. To hear it, go to:


If you're already familiar with the RoboPresenter interface and audio adjustments, click here to skip the intro/instructions and go directly into the story


Home Page for Cajun Academic Humor (& information about TLT-SWG): <>

Dr. David E. Boudreaux, a native and resident of Thibodaux, La., is Vice President for Institutional Advancement at Nicholls State University. He's a Senior Associate of The TLT Group and a valued friend as well.

We will soon offer more information about the tools used to create this Web-accessible digital audio recording, about the TLT 10-year re-union activities, and about the closely-related new online/onsite series that will begin early in March:  "Building Community and Connections Online and On Campus."  Watch:<<>>

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