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We continue to improve the organization of Subscriber Materials and Resources (available to all).  Still in progress.  Please contact Sally Gilbert if there is something specific you need to find.

As many of you who have explored our website realize, there is a wealth of material here - stimulating questions, guides to new tools, articles and more.  Organizing these materials in a way which is more useful to you is an important and continually challenging task.  There's a lot to share.  Meanwhile, you can see tables of contents and access links to public resources.

Please be patient with us as we develop a more useful map of resources for

* Productive Assessment (tools, materials and services from our Flashlight Program)

* Professional Development (strategies and tools for improving courses, professional development)

* Vision, Planning, Strategies (e.g., What elements of higher education most need to be transformed?  Preserved?  What kinds of educational improvements are desirable and feasible?)

* Collaborating Across Boundaries (e.g., TLT Roundtables, virtual TLT Centers, engaging in Dangerous Discussions)

Please note that some resource materials are only available to TLT/Flashlight subscribers, and you'll need a user name and password to access which is available from the primary liaison at your institution.  It's easy and relatively inexpensive for your institution to subscribe.

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