"Things we don't want to lose..." [see Fundamental Questions]

What are GUURs?

GUURs - Good UnderUtilized Resources - are widely recognized as valuable, but relatively unknown and unused.  
Recognized by most of those who want to improve teaching and learning in higher education, and make thoughtful use of technology - for themselves and to help others.
  • What would adequate utilization for some resource be?
  • How could we tell if/when our anthology is NOT underutilized? Is adequately utilized?
    [e.g., some % of total "target" population AND usage at least twice by each individual to be counted]
  • What about useful resources that have become integrated widely even if the specific source is not known to many who use it and its descendants?
Avoid: resources only good enough for other people to use?
Avoid: resources, advice of quality only good enough for other people's children?]

The Goal:  Converting GUURs to WURs (Well-Utilized Resources)

  • "Offering/Supporting MegaCourses LOCALLY" (i.e., using MOOCs, Open Education Resources)
    E.g., Keeping up group - redef, refocus our sessions - at least for a while - discuss the possibility of offering an online workshop together; 
    Selecting Courses, Supporting/Facilitating Learning, Assessing/Certifying Learning
    The role of the non-host institutions; role of the non-lead faculty 
    LOCAL FACILITATION:  Help workshop participants with BOTH How to do it;  AND How to help someone do it
     e.g.,  Using MIT Stanford courseware [role of "Local Facilitators" - local credit, certification
    1 decision:  local inst have any responsibility or authority for ANY of these:  SELECTING, HELPING LEARNERS, ASSESS, CERTIFY STUDENT LEARNING - AP online courses for high schools 
    • Schedule Option A:  Tuesdays 2pmET  Sept 11 & 18
    • Schedule Option B:  Wednesdays 2pmET  Sept 19 & 26  
    • [can add 3rd session if co-presenters wish to do so]
    • Each online session will follow our emerging pattern for FridayLive! sessions:
      Pre-session 1:45PM-2PM;  "Official Session"="content heart"  2PM to 3PM;  Afterthoughts 3:00-3:30PM    

"Poster Children GUURs" 

Outstanding Examples  

Repositories, Referatories


  • TLT Group DIIGO Repository (Dale Parker)

  • ...


  • Intro
  • Apps, Activities, "Cool Tools", Brief Hybrid Workshops, ...
  • Weekly? Could be 5-15 mins 1/wk or 2/mon and/or 1 full session per month

  • General "There's an App for That"

  • Sub-Categories

    • Accessibility 

    • Copyright, Citation, Finding, Sharing, ...

    • YouTube copyright, fair use;  ...
    • What obligation when "stumble upon" an image for which no info seems readily available?  

  • Helpful People

    • Beth Dailey, Dale Parker, Frank Parker, David Parker, Bonnie Mullinix, Penny Kuckkahn, Shauna Schullo, John Prusch, Bryan Alexander, Alan Levy, Chuck Ansorge, ...MERLOT)  


  • Strategy: Students use 7Ps

    • Encourage and enable students to understand and apply the  Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education to a course in which the faculty member strives to apply some of the Seven Principles.

  • Strategy:  Make info accessible


Books, Websites, ...

The TLT Group helps people in educational institutions to improve teaching and learning by making more appropriate and cost-effective use of information technology without sacrificing what matters most to them.

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