Low-Threshold Applications and Activities (LTAs) 

Incrementally Low-Cost in Time, Money, Stress

An LTA is an activity or application of information technology that is “low-threshold” i.e., reliable, accessible, easy to learn, non-intimidating and incrementally low-cost in time, money, and stress.  Each LTA has easily observable benefits right away, and is likely to support important long-term improvements in teaching and/or learning.   

It is often useful to extend the definition of LTA to include Apps, Applications, Activities, Resources, Web Sites, ...  LTA’s need not depend on any specific information technology.
  • Introduction to LTAs (Definitions, Forms, Criteria, Examples, etc.)
  • Shareworthy LTAs - see Glossary
  • LTA Collection (edited by Charles Ansorge for the TLT Group)
  • Additional LTA Resources (Collections of low threshold and higher threshold teaching resources, Examples, Slideshows, etc.)
See also: TMI/TMO/TLT/TL$, Frugal Innovations, Visions Worth Working Toward
ORIGIN: "LTAs" - Low-Threshold Applications and Activities were first described by Steven W. Gilbert in an article "The Beauty of Low Threshold Applications" in Syllabus Magazine, February 12, 2002 Click here for text-only version.

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