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Institutional subscribers can get these services from our staff and senior consultants free (using consulting hours that come with their subscription) or for a substantial savings.

Topics of Service Types of Service
  • An hour, a day, weeks, or years of work: There are many ways to use an hour or less of TLT Group consulting time. Engagement subscribers have a variety of options for using a first consulting visit. And we can also provide long-term assistance by contract.
  • Keynotes, Talks, Webcasts, and Workshops -  Steve Gilbert and the TLT Group's Senior Consultants have been invited to speak at conferences and campuses around the world. Click here to see popular topics.
  • Participation on institutional task forces; periodic phone calls.  We can serve as adjunct members of institutional task forces, or just confer periodically you and your colleagues, discussing how your institution's current challenges relate to problems and good practices in the wider world.

To discuss your needs and to hear more about what we offer, call Sally Gilbert at 301-270-8312 or e-mail

PO Box 5643
Takoma Park, Maryland 20913
: 301.270.8312/Fax: 301.270.8110  

To talk about our work
or our organization
contact:  Sally Gilbert

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