Spreading the Word: Sharing Ideas for using TLT to Implement the Seven Principles

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After your institution introduces the idea of the seven principles (click here for workshop ideas and materials), here are two related ideas for increasing faculty interest in these kinds of incremental ways of improving teaching and learning with technology (TLT).

1. Frequent, brief, clear emails to your faculty, each e-mail describing one idea from the Collection

Email ideas from the Collection, one at a time, to interested faculty - perhaps every week or two. Make the mailings as short as possible, with informative subject lines, so that their content can be appreciated in a glance. The email should also include a link to that section of the Collection, in case the faculty member wants to skim other, related ideas.  You could start with a single e-mail to all faculty, asking whether they'd like to experiment with getting such e-mails; reassure them that the e-mails can each be read in seconds, and that it's easy to get off the list!

Each institution could create its own emails. But if you try this, and like it, it may make sense to team up with other institutions, to share the work of creating the emails. Contact us to see if we can help. Or, if you're part of a system or association and there's wider interest in the seven principles, work with sister institutions in the group. For example, each institution could specialize in creating e-mails on one of the principles. 

2. Harvest such ideas from your own faculty, and add their ideas to the stream of e-mails

One way to spread and maintain interest is to periodically ask your faculty to 'publish' their own teaching ideas as part of this stream of emails. They send the TLT idea to you, and you pass it along to other faculty. Here is a version of such a survey that we've developed for use by our subscribing institutions.  (You'll be amazed at the flow of ideas, how many faculty contribute them, and at how many of the ideas other faculty will appreciate hearing about.)  Our Collection has been created almost entirely from faculty responses to surveys like that one.

If you would like to chat about this or need clarification, please e-mail ehrmann at tltgroup.org and we'll get back to you.

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