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The online [synchronous, multidirectional, voice, text, ...] sessions alternate each week among Stakeholders' Dialogues, Clothing the Emperor Interviews, and Quick-LTAs.

Stakeholders' Dialogues
Representatives from groups that have strong but different interests in "Dangerous Discussions" topics - topics that are significant, controversial, and tractable.  Our goal is to engage participants in mutually beneficial discussions, and, when possible, help them build something together, to improve teaching and learning – with technology.

Interviews - Clothing the Emperor
In these interviews we accept the challenge of dealing with issues that have been distorted by hyperbolic claims from and about competing groups; groups that have become entrenched in overly polarized and opposing positions. We try to reveal simple truths and useful options that may be disappointing to those who prefer the more dramatic and polarizing claims of zealous advocates of innovation – or the equally hyperbolic claims of their opponents who resist such changes most avidly. We are committed to providing starting places that are both interesting and useful enough to repair the damage that often results from more exciting and illusory activities.

We want our work to be more useful than useless, more harmless than harmful.

These sessions are designed especially for the “I-am-not-a-techie” educator with limited time and for those responsible for helping them.  In no more than 15 minutes, participants will learn to begin use a Low-Threshold Application/Activity (LTA) for improving teaching, learning, or communication with information technology.

An LTA is a teaching/learning application of information technology that is reliable, accessible, easy to learn, non-intimidating and (incrementally) inexpensive. Each LTA has observable positive consequences, and contributes to important long term changes in teaching and/or learning.  The potential user (teacher or learner) perceives an LTA as NOT challenging, not intimidating, not requiring a lot of additional work or new thinking.

During the remainder of the hour, participants are encouraged to try the LTA offline and/or ask for further clarification and instruction.  If time and audience interest permit, we will offer explanations of additional closely related LTAs. 


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