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Founded by Steven W. Gilbert as AAHESGIT in 1994

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Steve Gilbert, President of the TLT Group, leads and moderates an ongoing discussion of a variety of issues related to improving teaching and learning with a focus on the role of technology in higher education and on change.  We often explore how our participation in this conversation, in our careers, and in our personal lives can be more valuable and meaningful.  Together, we are shaping a "Vision Worth Working Toward."

This listserv also offers carefully selected announcements of relevant resources, activities, and services from the TLT Group and other like-minded organizations.

A richly diverse group of 3000+ faculty, campus administrators, technology professionals, librarians, corporate officials, and others subscribe.

TLT-SWG is a valuable forum and  guide to the changing landscape of higher education, of the changing capabilities of information technology, and of the changing roles of academic professionals of all kinds.

Cajun Academic Humor
[If you already know how to adjust the sound volume and navigate the slides, you can skip to slide #4 in each of these slideshows to begin the "story" or open the "short version" that omits the introductory material.]

Louisiana State Police Investigation - Look for the obvious first
Short Version

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         Dr. David E. Boudreaux
Click here to send a comment or question to D. E. Boudreaux.
Native and resident of Thibodaux, La.
Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Nicholls State University

We appreciate the warmth, good nature, and underlying care for humanity that often emerges from David Boudreaux's unique "Cajun Academic Humor."  Boudreaux's stories have provided welcome breaks in our ever-busier, ever more fragmented lives, and helped us regain a broader, healthier perspective.

Please Note:  The TLT-SWG listserv
was  founded by Steven W. Gilbert
as "AAHESGIT" in 1994.
It  became "TLT-SWG" in January, 2002.

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