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Teaching Learning and Technology Roundtables exist at many institutions (often with other names). Their goals are usually to bring disparate people and units together in order to catch issues that normal institutional process can't deal with adequately, providing advice on steps that are likely to result in improving teaching and learning (with technology.)

How The TLT Group Can Help
The TLT Group has already helped over 500 institutions organize, launch, and support TLT Roundtables.

If your institution needs help in starting, reviving, supporting, or accelerating the work of your Roundtable, we hope you'll consider subscribing
Subscribers receive, among many other benefits, a copy of the Collaborative Change Workbook that includes readings and other materials to use in organizing meetings; subscribers also get a license to make as many copies of the Workbook as they need. The Workbook is also available for sale separately.  Contact Sally Gilbert

Although hundreds of institutions have organized TLT Roundtables in the last decade, it turns out to be difficult to do without outside help.  TLT/Flashlight Network members can use some or all of their consulting to bring in an expert facilitator from The TLT Group staff or from another institution that already has a Roundtable. This facilitator can brief faculty, staff and other academic leaders and, if you like, help run organizing meetings where the mission and definition of your Roundtable are established or revised and/or focus on action-oriented plans and meetings.


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