October 4, 2001;  Revised January 18, 2005
Steven W. Gilbert, President, TLT Group

 Why Bother?

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Why Bother?
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We have no clear proof of the major educational benefits from making big investments in academic uses of information technology.  As more faculty members and students are encouraged to use technology for teaching and learning, they expect to accomplish more, and they discover they need more help.  The capacity of academic support services to provide that help usually falls farther behind as expectations rise.  Costs go up and the "Support Service Crisis" gets worse.
So, why bother?

  • Why bother to use new technology, to support change, to build community?  

  • Why bother to keep trying to improve teaching and learning... with technology?


  • Because information technology can be the excuse and the means
    to do almost anything.

  • Because more people will be able to learn, teach, live, and work together better. 

  • Because, if we don't bother, the unintended or ill-intended consequences can be
    disappointing, or tragic.

For closely related but different approaches, see the "Many Ways of Improving Teaching/Learning" materialsFundamental Questions ,  and Personalizing Pedagogy.

"Why Bother?" Article -- Full Text (PDF Version)
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"Why Bother?"  List of Reasons

"Why Bother?" Workshop Tasks, Small Group Activities, Planning Activities, Next Steps
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